Monday, 3 June 2013

Doodh Soda

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A tasty and delicious traditional Punjabi beverage to beat the summer heat. A much liked drink to have at iftaar during Ramadan. It’s a combination of milk and soda water in 1:1 ratio.  As a child whenever we went to spend the summer vacations at my grandmother’s house, at night time the whole family used to be served with this cool and refreshing drink before going to sleep. The only thing which made me excited about going to my grandmothers house was the fact the I will be getting a chance to enjoy dodh soda, unfortunately in late 80’s and early 90’s we didn’t have those typical red colored soda bottles available in Islamabad.  I also like to add rooh afza in doodh soda, if you don’t like it or have it u can make it without it and it would still taste wonderful…

milk soda


500 ml milk (chilled)
500 ml 7up/sprite (chilled)
4 -5 tbsp rooh afza (optional, you can also add 2tbsp sugar instead of rooh afza)
Ice cubes:


Mix every thing together either in a blender or a jug, pour in to glasses and serve. 

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