Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fruit Trifle

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A trifle is a wonderfully indulgent sweet and creamy dessert made from thick custard, fruits, sponge/pound cake, jelly and whipped cream arranged in layers. Even the most inexperienced cook can make it... 

Fruit Trifle


4 cups milk

6 tbsp vanilla flavored custard powder

10 tbsp sugar

1 packet of strawberry jelly 

1 large tin fruit cocktail drained

1 Sponge/pound cake 

whipped cream (optional)


1) Prepare the custard by boiling milk with sugar, meanwhile mix together the custard powder with ½ cup warm milk to a paste, once the milk starts to boil, mix and cook with constant stirring on a medium-low flame till thickened. Set aside to cool. 

2) Next prepare and set the jelly as per packet instructions.

3) Fun time begins… layer the custard, jelly, cake as you like. Cut the cake in bite size pieces, once the jelly is set cut it in mini squares. Layer the bottom of the bowl with half of the custard first then place the cake pieces in top, cover it with the fruit. On top of fruit layer add the jelly pieces and top it with a layer of custard again. 

4) Lastly, pipe and decorate the surface with whipped cream. Serve well chilled.

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