Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sooji Ki Kheer

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A simple and quick dessert made from Sooji/Semolina, you can have it warm in winter and serve it cold in summers.  it hardly takes 20 minutes to get ready. This is also good for toddlers who are being introduced to new food as it's easy to digest, in that case keep it simple without the additions of almonds, pistachios and kewra water. 

sooji ke kheer


1/3-1/2 cup sooji/semolina 
4  cups m ilk 
1/2 can condensed milk (or use 4-5 tbsp  sugar/you can adjust sugar according to your taste)
3 cardamom pods
2-3 tbsp Ghee/Clarified Butter
8-10  slivered pistachios (optional)
4-5 slivered Almonds (optional)
2-3 drops kewra water/ essence 


1) Heat a heavy based pan and add clarified butter and cardamom pods then add semolina and fry till semolina turns slightly brown and fragrant. 

2) Take the pan off the stove and add milk (start by adding a little milk at a time and mixing it well with semolina to avoid any lumps). 

3) Put the pan back on stove on medium flame, add in  sugar or condensed milk and cook on medium flame until you get the desired consistency. Don't make it too thick because the kheer tends to thicken a bit while it cools down. (semolina tends to absorb milk)

4) Just before turning off the flame add kewra water/essence. Sooji Ki Kheer is ready. Let it cool down then refrigerate. Garnish with almond and pistachio slices.

Note: if you feel the kheer gets too thick once it cools down, you can always add in more milk to bring it to desired consistency.

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