Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Aam Ka Achar

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Summer season is in so are the mangoes and for me it’s also the achar making season. This is the 2nd consecutive year I have made mango pickle at home, and believe me I don’t find taste in those store bought pickles anymore, if you also like Punjabi aam ka achar as much as I do then you must give this recipe a try. You just have to keep in mind the basics of pickle making - use a clean sterilized jar, see that there is no moisture and ensure that mustard oil forms a covering layer over the ingredients in the jar.

mango pickle


2 Kg  raw green mangoes
1 liter mustard Oil
200 gm salt
200 gm fenugreek/Methi Seeds
200 gm aniseed /Saunf
2 tbsp nigella seeds/Kalonji seeds
 50 gm mustard seeds/rai dana
50 gm chilli Powder
50 gm turmeric Powder
1 & ½ tsp asafoetida /heeng
1 & ½ tsp carom seeds/ajwain


1) Heat 1 liter of Mustard Oil to smoking point and let it cool, it’s better to do I a day earlier
Prepare the Glass /Ceramic Jar or plastic container by heating a large piece of Coal till it glows. Sprinkle 1-2 tsps. Asafoetida/Heeng Powder on it and keep the Jar upside down over it. This sterilizes the Jar and helps preserve the Pickle.

2) Wash and wipe the Green Mangoes dry with a clean cloth .Cut into medium size pieces.

3) Coarsely ground the fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds and aniseeds separately, mix these two with carom seeds,  nigella seeds, asafoetida  , salt, red chili powder and turmeric powder and keep aside.

4) Place the Mango Pieces in a large Steel Vessel and add all the Spices little by little till all the Mango pieces are evenly coated.

5) Mix in about 250 ml. of the cooled Mustard Oil.  Put it in the Glass or Ceramic Jar (plastic container) which has been smoked earlier, cover with muslin cloth and Keep in the Sun for 2-3 days. Remember to shake it or mix it one or twice every day. 

6) Add in the remaining oil, the oil should be at least 1 inch above the mango pieces. Cover the jar with the lid and let it mature for 2-3 weeks before start using.

mango pickle


*Wipe and dry the mangoes very thoroughly, even the slightest bit of water or moisture in mangoes or in the storage jar is enough to form fungus and mold and ruin your pickle.

*The amount of salt should be measured accurately as it acts as a preservative for the pickle.

*The pickle should be covered with a layer of oil all the time.

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